Black Lives Matter is a Violent Movement



1. The BLMM (Black Lives Matter Movement) is creating a culture in which it is okay to fight the police and riot in public. The BLMM believes that the public should question police officers and authority.

Let me tell you why this ideology is radical. If we begin to question police authority, violent riots will continue because we are creating a culture in which police officers can’t be trusted and a culture in which it is acceptable to fight the police simply because people perceive the police to be dishonest. The BLMM is supporting this violent extremism culture against the police.

2. Look at the violent riots that have been supported by the Black Lives Matter Movement.

There have been numerous riots all around the United States as a result of police shootings of unarmed black men. However, let’s not forget the police shooting of a black man in Charlotte, North Carolina.

After the shooting of Keith Scott riots ensued for days in Charlotte because many of the black people that were rioting wrongly thought that Keith Scott was unarmed when in fact, Scott did have a loaded firearm in his car that he was reaching for. However, that didn’t stop those violent black people from rioting.

3. Don’t let the BLMM lie to you. The BLMM continues to deny the fact that they have been supporting violent riots across the country whenever a black man is shot by the police.


Let me ask you this, do you really expect the Black Lives Matter Movement to say, ”yes, we intend to hurt the police and the public?”


At what point do we make the decision that the BLMM intends to harm law enforcement in an attempt to destabilize the United States by perpetuating violent riots? The time to denounce this idiotic movement is now.