Trump Became President Today. Let’s Discuss His Biggest Challenges and Promises as President.

Trump’s inauguration was today. Donald Trump has made some very big promises during his election. Now it is up to Donald Trump to keep his promises. Let’s discuss some of the promises Trump made and the challenges that Trump will face as president.


1. Unifying America a divided America (Challenge)

Many people know that America is more divided than ever. Hilary Clinton won the popular vote and Donald Trump won more electoral votes.

These results are a microcosm of what America believes. Half of America is liberal, and the other half is conservative.

Trump has to create policies that will bridge the gap between liberal and conservative America. Otherwise, his policies will be undone after his presidential term is finished.

Obamacare is a great example of this. Obama created a unilateral health care policy that was highly discouraged by conservatives.

Conservatives later voted to repeal Obamacare as soon as conservatives controlled congress because Obama didn’t take everyone’s opinions into consideration.

Trump must create policies that will benefit most of America. Otherwise, his policies will be undone by the next Democratic president and congress.


2. Creating jobs (Promise)

Many people already know that Donald Trump won the Silent Majority. The Silent majority voted for Trump because they want jobs.

The Silent Majority is comprised of workers that have been marginalized.

Many of the people that comprise the Silent Majority have lost their jobs to automation and offshoring by China and Mexico. 

Trump will have to bring back our jobs from China and Mexico.

Trump will also have to make the education system better. 

The days in which you could get a good job with a high school diploma are gone. You now need a degree to get a good job. China and Mexico have taken many jobs from America and many jobs have been lost to automation.

College costs too much money. Many people can’t get a degree because of the high costs. Many Americans are jobless because they don’t have the necessary education to find a job.

It’s on Trump to do these things.

3. Protecting America (Challenge and Promise)

Trump promised to build a wall.

The purpose of the wall is to prevent immigrants from causing crime in America

At the same time, Trump also has to protect more than just America’s borders. He also has to protect America from terrorism.

ISIS continues to kill many people. Trump will have to create a way to stop ISIS and many other terrorist groups around the world from hurting American citizens.

Trump also promised a temporary Muslim ban in the United States. 

Muslims ideologies are being integrated with American culture thanks to the liberal media. 

We should remember Trump’s promise to ban Muslims to ensure that Muslims don’t continue to integrate into American society. Otherwise, we could all one day wake up to find that America has become the victim of radical Islamic terror attacks.

Finally, Trump also promised to stop refugees from entering the United States.

Refugees are continuing to apply for asylum in the United States.

Trump has already promised that extreme vetting will occur.

If Trump doesn’t uphold this promise, America could become similar to Germany, France, Turkey, Belgium, Sweden, and many other countries.

There are so many countries that have been negatively impacted by refugees that listing them all is exhausting.


It’s now up to Trump to keep his promises.