Is marijuana harmful?

Marijuana is harmful, and let me tell you why. The tobacco industry successfully persuaded people for decades that the data linking smoking to cancer was false. The marijuana industry is facing the same problem that the tobacco industry faced years ago.

That problem has to do with data. 

Does data prove that marijuana is harmful? Evidence proves that marijuana harms a person’s memory, and is addictive. Evidence also shows that marijuana may also cause cognitive impairment in kids. However, marijuana supporters say that this evidence is inconclusive.
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Don’t be fooled. The tobacco industry said the same thing for many years. ”That cigarettes don’t cause cancer.” ”The data linking cigarettes to cancer is inconclusive.”

Marijuana supporters are now using the same arguments the tobacco industry used.

Supporters will say that marijuana isn’t harmful; the data is biased.

No marijuana supporter will admit to marijuana being harmful. Otherwise, marijuana supporters wouldn’t be able to get high, and marijuana would stay illegal.

No marijuana business will admit that marijuana is harmful. Otherwise, they would lose money.

As a result, marijuana businesses will spend good money on marketing campaigns to combat evidence proving that marijuana is harmful.

Don’t be fooled. Marijuana is harmful.