Masculinity has Changed

What is the modern definition of masculinity? Cultural shifts have changed the definition of masculinity. Many men now define masculinity by being educated and muscular.

Many men know that good jobs require college degrees. 

As a result, being a modern man is strongly linked to having a college degree because men must have a college degree to obtain a good job.

Men without a college degree will be left behind in this economy because automation and offshoring will only take more jobs away. Men are also being more sexualized in the media because of advancements in technology.

Women are now able to voice their opinions openly to a wider audience regarding what they find attractive in a man using social media. Men are now more surrounded by female opinions regarding how men should look because of social media.

However, female opinions regarding the male physique have always existed. Social media has just given female opinions a wider audience. 

Cultural shifts have changed the definition of what it means to be a man. It seems like the definition of a modern man is rooted in being educated and muscular.

A new study shows that many men are having more body image issues due to increased sexualization in the media. The beard trend, the man bun, etc. 

At the end of the day, you define what makes yourself masculine. I personally live in my own world, and you should too.