Refugees are raping women in Sweden. Why isn’t the liberal media reporting it?

Swedish police are investigating a suspected gang rape. The alleged criminals live streamed the gang rape on Facebook, according to Swedish police. 

An online witness said the victim had her clothes pulled off by armed men and sexually assaulted before cops arrived and turned off the camera.

These are the suspects, and they are all immigrants!


Political correctness and diversity are the most radical political ideologies of our time. Look at what happens when liberals are too fixated on diversity and political correctness.

Even after the massive waves of crime in countries like Sweden, Swedish politicians are still socialist! 

There will soon be a conservative uprising in Sweden. Liberals love to emphasize diversity, multiculturalism, and political correctness.

But the thing is

Not every culture is created equal. Immigrants that come from Middle Eastern cultures have different norms in treating women. Many people in Middle Eastern countries have normalized rape. Middle Eastern immigrants should not be granted asylum anywhere.

Liberals will continue to say that we shouldn’t generalize all refugees, but this is an appealing to ignorance fallacy because it is impossible to know which refugees are good and which ones are bad. That doesn’t mean we should grant them asylum.