If refugees pose a national security risk, can they be barred from entering the United States?

Trump signed a magnificent executive order halting incoming Muslim refugees for 120 days. As a result, Syrian refugees will be prevented from entering the United States indefinitely.  No visas will be issued for 90 days to migrants or visitors from seven mainly Muslim countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

A few refugees that arrived in the United States today were immediately detained following Trump’s executive order. Other refugees that were about to fly to the United States were prevented from entering the United States as well.

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The executive order is called, “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States.”

The ACLU, along with many other groups, filed a lawsuit on behalf of two Iraqi men that were detained at John F. Kennedy airport. Protests have since then broken out at that airport regarding Trump’s actions.

However, the real question is, will the ACLU win their lawsuit against Trump?

The answer is no. 

If Muslim refugees pose a significant national security threat, then Trump does have the legal authority to ban refugees from entering the United States. The liberal media will try to accuse Trump of discrimination, but this issue doesn’t have anything to do with discrimination.

This issue is a national security issue, not an immigration issue. Don’t let the liberal media fool you.